Starting a game !

Finally, you have RPG Creator. As it is to start a game! Follow the steps below that explains step by step making your first game !

1) Create a new project

Each game is called Project. Therefore, you must create one.

  1. To start a new project, you obviously clicking on New / Open Project
  2. The list of projects is displayed in a window
  3. Click Add Project. A wizard helps you to name and begin your project.

    Note that the assistant intervenes if no project is present at the opening of RPG Creator. In this case, enter the information for your project without steps 1, 2 and 3 above.

  4. Enter the name of your game and click Next

    The name of your game can be modified later, Setting > Game

  5. Choose the type of game by clicking on the gray area. If you have editing MMORPG, you have the choice between RPG and MMORPG.

  6. Choose in the battle of your game by clicking on the gray area. For example, clicking on A-RPG, RPG Creator will install the extension of A-RPG
  7. Finally, choose the default and graphics by clicking on the gray area. This will install the original data in the database and a first map.
  8. RPG Creator restarts.

2) Get acquainted with RPG Creator

After creating the project, you arrive on this interface :

A right (1), you have the background of the map is on the left (3). The decor consists of several tiles.

Tool lets you draw on the map (2). Trying.

  1. Click on a tile decor. (1) You can select more than one by holding down the left click of your mouse.
  2. In the toolbar, choose the pencil to draw (2).
  3. Draw on the map with the left button of your mouse (3).

The map has three layers for the drawing. For example, to place a tree and have no white outline, stand on the middle layer:

You have more details in Layers

3) Create my own map

Well, you know how to draw on the map. But how to create a map with your own decor ?

Add a material

Firstly, you must add your own graphics resource.

  1. Click on Material tab.
  2. Click on the gray area to add a tileset

  3. Select a file and put a name. Then click Ok to start uploading the image.

  4. When uploading is finished, the window automatically closes and your tileset appears in the list.

Add the tileset in the database

Add a picture does not mean that you can use directly on your map, you must first add the Tilesets tab on the database.

  1. Add a setting by clicking on the add icon (1)
  2. A new entry has been added to the list of data. It represents your new tileset(2).
  3. Select the material previously uploaded (3).
  4. The tileset appears. The symbols used to indicate the passibility or the superposition of a tile.

Create a new map

To create a new map, click the tab Map and the icon on the far left of the toolbar The list of maps of the project is displayed. You can edit or delete.

  1. Create a map by clicking on the button Add a map at the bottom of the window.
  2. On the new window, you can put a name, size but also tileset previously added to the database. Select it and click Ok

  3. The card is added. You get the map editor with your tileset and a map completely blank

You can draw your first map !

4) Add a character

The map drawn, you want to add a character.

  1. Click the Event layer. A grid appears.
  2. Click on a location on the map to place the character.
  3. Double click or click the icon to add an event on the toolbar.
  4. A window prompts you for the type of event to add. Click on the first : Event
  5. The new window allows you to configure the new event.

  6. Click on Appearance (1)

  7. Choose the graphical appearance of the character (2)

  8. Then click on the first entry in the command list of event (1)

  9. Click the icon to add (2)

  10. Event commands are displayed. They can provide actions, situations, etc.. Click on the first Show a text

  11. Enter text and click OK. The command is then displayed in the list.

  12. You can add more to build your story. For now, we'll leave this message. Click Ok to confirm your event. The character appears on the map.

5) Place the starting position of the hero

  1. Go to Settings > Game.
  2. Click Position
  3. Click on the right list and click the location on the map on the left

  4. Validate by clicking on Ok

6) Test the game

Click the icon to compile and test the game

> Compiling, RPG Creator creates static files recoverable.

Gorgeous ! The game works great!