RPG Creator has 3 layers for mapping :

  • A lower layer
  • A middle layer
  • A top layer

Lower layer

The bottom layer is below all of the characters sets, the ground, etc.. Switch grass, rivers, etc..

Middle layer

The middle layer contains the sets above the ground and characters. For example, a shaft should be placed on this layer

Top layer

The top layer contains the settings that are above the middle layer. For example, a bird is located on the shaft (middle layer)

Event layer

The layers of events can place events on the map, ie, objects, characters, etc.. that affect the behavior and interaction of the player. For example, by placing a non-player character (NPC), you can give him a list of commands that will execute when the player presses the Action key on the NPC.

To place an event :

  1. Click on a tile to select the position of the event.
  2. Double click on the tile or click the icon in the toolbar to add an event

  1. Select A event. You find on the interface of the event. Click OK when you think you have completed the configuration of the event.