The database contains all the data of your game: objects, heroes, enemies. Click the Database to access the changes.

To add data, click the button +. To delete data, select it in the list on the left and click on the red cross.

Heroes and classes

The hero has a class defined in the Classes tab. This class will allow him to define equippable weapons and armor, resistance to elements and status.

First of all, increase your hero level by gaining experience (EXP). The curve is more severe, the hero will be more difficult to level up.

Competence, Object, weapons and armor.

All these data have attributes :

  • Name
  • Description

A status

The peculiarity of status is to assign a status to the hero. These capabilities can increase or decrease, be sensitive or resistant to an element, delete or add another status other.

  1. When the hero grabs a status, defines common event in start starts. The percentages of features are then applied to the hero.
  2. Then, during the course of the status of hero, defines common event in During is called repetition.
  3. Finally, when the status is terminated or removed, the common event defined in Release is executed. Status characteristics are no longer applied to the hero.

Tilesets and Autotiles

After adding a tileset or autotile in materials, you must configure to use it on a map.

Events common and dynamic

A common event is a list of event commands can be executed at any time in the game is very useful if you want to avoid repeating actions in several events on a map.

A dynamic event is a traditional event which can be repeated several times placed on maps. The setting is the same as a normal event.

View the tutorial Events

Switches, variables, and elements

Report all switches, variables, and elements on the respective tabs.

It is only a list of data with their name used in the event commands.