Create an animation

The animations can boost your game. First you need to create.


  1. Go to the Materials tab
  2. Click resource area. In our case, we have this resource :

The image is composed of several patterns

Create animation

  1. Go to Animations in the data base
  2. Add a new entry
  3. Select the animation previously uploaded.
  4. Indicate the number of patterns on the width and height

    We have 5 patterns of the width (1) and 3 patterns on the height (2)

  5. Enter frequency of the animation. The higher the frequency, the higher the animation is jerky.

Your image is cut in order to have all the patterns :

The frames on the left corresponds to the time duration.

  1. Click the first frame in the list as well as a pattern down (a red box appears to show the selection)
  2. Click the black area to place your pattern.

  3. You can change some settings on the pattern :

    • Opacity
    • Rotation
    • Scale

    It is possible to place multiple patterns in the black area

  4. Click on the second frame on the left list and repeat the same procedure. If you want to get the last frames (to avoid replacing them manually each time), click 'Paste previous` frame button

  5. Finally, click Play button to see the render your animation

View the animation on the map

  1. Go to the map editor
  2. Add an event
  3. dd the command event Show Animations on the Maps tab

  4. Specify the target of the animation (here, the player)

  5. Specify the animation previously created.
  6. Assign a general zoom (100 for no zoom)
  7. Indicate whether the player can move while the animation by clicking Block movement
  8. Validate all

When you test the game and run the event. The animation is displayed correctly on the player.