Action et A-RPG

Actions allow you to make an animation and run a plugin. In the battle A-RPG, you can make a sword and fight the enemies.

Load the appropriate resource

Go to the Resources tab and add a character

The character is the hero attacking on four directions

Add Action

  1. Go to the Actions tab in the database.
  2. Enter a new entry
  3. Assign the graphics previously uploaded
  4. Put the key (A, Z, Enter, Space, etc.)
  5. If you want to use the A-RPG plugin, set the identifier arpg
  6. Finally, set the collision zone for each direction on the image.

Use areas collissions

In the A-RPG, when the collision zone touches the enemy by performing the action, points of life will be taken from the enemy.

To create a zone of collision, click on the image to make a point :

Depending on the direction of the character, the area will have a different color. Put several points in the order of the outline of the area. A rectangle may suffice.

Put the box on the first sequence of each direction for A-RPG

  • To move a point, click the point and move it.
  • To delete a point, click on a point (a black outline appears) and press the Delete on your keyboard


Install Plugin

First of all, if it's not already done so, add the A-RPG plugin :

  1. Go to the Plugins tab
  2. Click Add in the left menu
  3. Add A-RPG Plugin
  4. Restart the RPG Creator Application
  5. In the data base, you now have the Enemies tab

Consider making the updates to the extension. RPG Creator tells you when this is the case.

Configure an enemy

  1. Go to the Enemies tab in the database
  2. Enter a new entry
  3. Assign a look at your enemy.

    Add the previously listed resources in the Characters

    Our image is as follows :

  4. Values ​​are already given default settings of the enemy :

    • MaxHP : Maximum Healt Point
    • MaxSP : Maximum Skill Point
    • STR : Strength
    • DEX : Dexterity
    • AGI : Agility
    • ATK : Attack
    • PDEF : Physical Defense
    • MDEF : Physical Magic
  5. If you created an animation, you can assign it when the enemy dies (healt points below 0)

  6. Declare his speed and frequency
  7. The detection zone is the number of pixels around the enemy that allows the enemy to detect the hero. When the enemy detects the behavior changes. He goes up to the player to attack.
  8. The parameters in Drop to specify items, experiences and gold as the enemy leaves the player after his death. It can leave a dynamic event in a certain probability. For example, if you create an event dynamical Potion which recovered 200 HP, the enemy can leave it on the map with 80% probability, or in other words, 4 out of 5 chances to leave the item.
  9. Finally, the percentage assigned to elements and status affect the damage inflicted on the enemy. For example, if the enemy was weak on the Fire element and that the hero has a Fire weapon (think that Fire element is highlighted on the weapon equipped) the damage on the enemy will be more important.

Add the enemy on the map

  1. Go to the map editor
  2. Click on the event layer
  3. Double click on a tile to place the enemy

  1. Click An enemy Event and choose the enemy previously created.